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One of the many things that makes scientific research projects challenging is that it is often not possible (or, at least, it can be very hard) to carry out the project with the tools and instruments that are available at the start of the project. For example, when Italian mathematician/ scientist Galileo Galilei wanted to see the planets of the solar system more clearly, he first had to develop an astronomical telescope.

Researchers at the University of Waikato are often in a similar situation and, when they develop new tools or instruments to do their research, they sometimes find that other researchers around the world have the same needs. To meet those needs, we have created the brand and website Waikato Scientific Instruments to make those tools and instruments available more broadly.

Led by Commercialisation Specialist Doug Hillyer, Waikato Scientific Instruments’ first product is the SypTM automatic fluid sampler (shown on a benchtop and in a cave) conceived by Associate Professor Adam Hartland and developed and manufactured by our partners Bentech Ltd of Hamilton, NZ through a commercialisation project with investment from KiwiNet and the University of Waikato.

The autosampler sitting on a bench

We officially launched SypTM in May 2021 and the auto sampler is already attracting a lot of excitement and good numbers of sales to cave and water research groups around the world. You can find out all the details about SypTM and why cave and water researchers are excited about it on Waikato Scientific Instruments’ website at www.WaikatoScientific.com. If you are interested in the sampler, please contact Doug Hillyer at info@waikatolink.co.nz

The auto sampler working in a cave

We are currently working on another couple of instruments that could be suitable for distribution through Waikato Scientific Instruments and expect the brand to include a growing number of products over time.

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