Waikato Scientific Instruments – 18 months Post Launch

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The Syp Fluid Sampler is the first product from Waikato Scientific Instruments, a WaikatoLink brand formally launched in May 2021. Syp collects and preserves up to 58 discrete fluid samples over long deployments (12+ month) and is used by research institutes around the world to enable frequent sampling in remote locations, such as caves in the Peruvian Andes or Scottish Highlands.

Our customers use the geochemical data Syp provides to develop high-fidelity climate models that fill gaps in current models from before records began. These models are critically important in understanding how our climate behaves and reacts to changing conditions.

Since our launch 17 months ago, WSI has sold 13 Syp Fluid Sampler units to research institutes such as Vanderbilt University, University of California, and the University of Basel. We’re proud to support global, cutting edge climate research and look forward to introducing new research instrumentation to the Waikato Scientific catalogue.

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