What is WaikatoLink?

WaikatoLink is a limited liability company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Waikato. It provides the University of Waikato a commercial avenue for Intellectual Property (IP) developed at the University. WaikatoLink is privy to confidential information and regularly handles IP-related contractual agreements, in addition to owning and governing subsidiaries and commercial ventures. WaikatoLink is also a shareholder of KiwiNet.

What does WaikatoLink do?

WaikatoLink transforms innovative ideas and research from the University to create social, economic and/or environmental impact in the Waikato region and New Zealand.

Why researchers come to WaikatoLink:

  • Seeking WaikatoLink’s input on the potential value of a research idea before proposing a research project
  • Seeking input on IP identification and protection
  • To work with WaikatoLink periodically to understand commercial potential from an ongoing project
  • With an idea for a product or service that might have commercial potential
  • Because they are working with a commercial partner, and have IP that their partner wants access to

What help can WaikatoLink offer researchers to guide them through the commercialisation process?

WaikatoLink is a team of commercialisation professionals with the expertise to assess your project and plan a commercialisation strategy. They also have networks of experts, mentors and investors they can introduce you to.

What is the first step in the process?

WaikatoLink meet with the researcher/s to understand the opportunity and get enough information to complete a Commercial Opportunity Form (CoF). This could take several meetings.  Once the CoF is complete screening begins. 

What does screening involve?

A WaikatoLink commercialisation professional completes initial desk-top research to validate some of the researcher’s assumptions and place the research in a market opportunity context. The whole WaikatoLink commercialisation team provides feedback. A screening recommendation is made to decide whether the project will move into the assessment phase or not. WaikatoLink aims to complete the screening within two weeks.

Does commercialisation prevent publication?

No. There may be a delay while the intellectual property associated with the research is assessed in order to protect it, but this never prevents publication.

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