Companies and Business Partners

Companies often find that a barrier to accessing University-generated IP is the upfront hard work that is needed in working through deal terms, even before they can assess the worth of the IP in their business. Our Try Before You Buy portfolio utilises a simple agreement that allows a company to trial an idea or technology for a fixed period of time at no charge. This will enable full assessment of whether it will work as expected, without any requirement to discuss deal terms.

Express Licensing makes negotiating license terms with WaikatoLink simple and straightforward. We will provide standard licensing terms with no upfront fees and an indication of expected royalty rate ranges, all tailored to avoiding lengthy and costly legal discussions. Only a small number of areas within the license will be negotiated, such as field, territory, exclusivity and royalty rate.

Our Easy Access IP portfolio provides companies with non-exclusive access to our technologies, largely for free. Royalties will only start once the use of the idea or technology has generated significant value for your company.

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