Much interest in Positively Pregnant

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With the launch of the upgraded Positively Pregnant app for iPhone and Android, there has been a great deal of media interest in the app and how it supports women to manage stress and maintain wellbeing during pregnancy. University of Waikato psychology researcher, Dr Carrie Barber, who developed the concept, has been interviewed in print in IdeaLog, Stuff, Newshub, and Radio New Zealand (audio). You can download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and you can find out more about the app and the research behind it at

With investment from KiwiNet and the University of Waikato, WaikatoLink is very pleased to be able to help support Dr Barber’s initiative, which is already helping pregnant women around New Zealand. Commercialisation Specialist Shlok Kant is working with Dr Barber to build partnerships with NZ organisations that support wellness, to ensure every woman who might find Positively Pregnant to be helpful has access to it.

By May 2021, about 200 women were downloading Positively Pregnant each week. By comparison, about 1000 women in NZ conceive each week.

For more information about how organisations can partner with Positively Pregnant, please contact Shlok Kant at

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