Spin-out companies have been established across multiple industries as a productive way to enhance the commercialisation process.


Aldera is dedicated to creating diversified solutions for the animal health industry. Aldera is currently developing unique product formulations based on cutting edge science around naturally-derived phytochemicals and extracts, which are targeted to companion animals.

11Ants Analytics

We are disrupting the world of predictive analytics - by developing solutions that are powerful, inexpensive to deploy and generally provide a path to predictive analytics that is a lot more attractive and accessible than the previously accepted status quo.


OBodies Limited is operating in the fastest growing market segment in Biotechnology alongside antibodies. OBodies Ltd's products, high affinity proteins (HAP's), provide several advantages over antibody proteins currently available in the market.


By applying state of the art materials science, Aduro Biopolymers will develop and manufacture a range of bio-derived polymers and materials for use in plastics, composites, agriculture and horticulture, manufacturing and construction.


Ligar Polymers develops Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) to filter, extract or detect specific molecules of interest. They can be thought of as ‘industrial antibodies’ as they only bind to one molecular target but operate in a wide range of industrial environments.