The University of Waikato is a world leading research and education institution. Our academics are renowned for cutting edge innovations that have helped shape the state of technology in New Zealand.

Take a look at some of these innovations below or follow this link to the University of Waikato’s Experts’ File to find out more about specialist research areas.

Chronoptics Group

Chronoptics™ Group

The Chronoptics™ Group was established in 2001 at the University of Waikato, and now consists of over ten academics and graduates from the physics, electronics and computer science fields. The group has expertise in the time-of-flight range imaging space.

Power Electronics Group

Power Electronics Group

The Power Electronics Group at the University of Waikato is led by Nihal Kularatna who came to the University of Waikato in 2006. The group's research focuses on improving the efficiency of power supplies and finding solutions to power quality issues.

Advanced Materials Group

Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials Group has been established to promote interdisciplinary collaboration across several departments at Waikato University. The end goal being to create an output of advanced technologies that can be utilised by New Zealand industry.