Collaborative research designed to develop advanced materials and related technologies that can be utilised by New Zealand Industry.


WaiCAM has expertise in metallic materials including powder metallurgy, casting, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys and metal matrix composites. As well as polymer based materials including polymer matrix composites, natural fibre reinforced composites, plastic injection moulding, pultrusion and extrusion, bioderived polymers; nanomaterials and materials chemistry.


WaiCAM is keen to establish partnerships with industrial companies and research organisations to uncover mutual benefit opportunities and to strengthen materials research capability in New Zealand. Organisations interested in establishing partnerships and other collaborative links with WaiCAM are invited to contact the director or a member of the management committee for further discussion.

Research Focus

The Metallic Materials Research Group led by Prof. Deliang Zhang and Associate Professor Brian Gabbitas: Investigates titanium alloy powder production, consolidation, powder metallurgy and powder coating; sysnthesis, microstructure and mechanical properties of nanostructured and ultrafine structured metallic materials including structured copper, aluminium, titanium and nickel based alloys and nanocomposites. The Composites and Polymers Research Group led by Associate Professor Kim Pickering and Dr Johan Verbeek: Looks at natural fiber recovery and processing, self-healing composites, natural fiber composites (cellulose and feather), foaming of polymers, protein based polymers (blood and corn gluten meal) and magnetorheological damping. The Nanomaterials and Materials Chemistry Research Group led Dr Michael Mucalo has expertise in developing bone replacement materials from biologically sourced hydroxyapatite like cowbone, controlled release drug delivery for veterinary purposes, electrochemistry and study of corrosion in non-aqueous electrolyte systems, and development of new metal nanoparticle catalysts.

Unique Capability Propostion

WaiCAM has rich experience and an open-minded attitude about working with industry to solve materials related problems, develop new materials related technologies and enhance the human capital base through various channels such as consulting, short term target projects, medium term or long term collaboration and partnerships. WaiCAM has a suite of materials synthesis, processing, testing, characterisation, and analysis facilities and expertise.

Past Successes

WaiCAM has strong links with industrial companies, and will strive to develop more links to effectively serve New Zealand industry. Following are the examples of the companies which are closely linked to research of members: Titanox Development Ltd, South Auckland Forging Engieering Ltd, Titanium Indutry Development Association, Inter-Ag, NUPLEX, Pultron Composites Ltd.


  • Dr Johan Verbeek
  • Senior Lecturer - Engineering
  • AProf Brian Gabbitas
  • Associate Professor - Engineering